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Mission Statement: Karma 2 Motion is a DBA of the International Buddhist Society. We are international body supporters who come together for the sole purpose of giving/promoting charity for better Karma *

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Karma *, Nichirin Buddhism explained....

To put it simply, “karma” is the cumulative “effects” or results of all our actions or causes, good or bad, over countless lifetimes until now. And while these effects may likewise be good or bad, many people tend to attribute suffering or losses they experience to “bad karma”—karma from bad causes they made in the past

Karma2motion Newsletter October 2020

Changing Karma during Covid Times and Natural Disasters


Times are changing and harder...


We need to take the moment and think about what is going on in the world and how we can play a role during the pandemic. This newsletter is long overdue and I don't know where to start other than where were we at the outbreak!


As February 2020 turned corner we were operating under Saigon Open Hearts in Ben Tre Vietnam with a hostel set up to host volunteers from all over the world to come stay at hostel and participate in number of proposed charity events such as monthly lunch serving to local mentally challenged adult homecare facilities, teach English to poor Vietnamese in Mien Tay area. We were going to launch a scholarship program in June yet all had to cease and be placed on hold. It was during this time the Volunteer sites were encouraging all travelers to go back to their home country and stay dormant, as did we. We cancelled volunteer  hosting and call it quits,  for months to come. Challenging and confusing times for everyone. I was personally concerned with the lockdown with the anticipation of social unrest as I was texting my friends that we really need to understand the repercussions. For a country like the USA which never before faced anything like it, the social unrest would take place and for poor countries like Vietnam, the economic meltdown will result.


As so we all did following the months after the news of the pandemic,  shelter in place, lockdown, quarantine to control the spread. Since then we saw a number of events started with policing  people  to stay at home and such events are so confusing to many and people getting ticketed for failure to keep 6 feet distance, and this is the new normal.New terms and tools like Zoom were now a big part of our lives. Then it happened: police brutality over a black man leading to murder of the innocent on the spot. NO ONE has the right to convict and send someone to death instantaneously. 


Social Economic and geopolitical environment all impacted by the outbreak of Coronavirus pandemic. President Trump took the beating for lack of pandemic management that the numbers of new cases exponentially growing while the healthcare system for the first time proved unprepared for such events. BLM, which stemmed from the killings of a Black man, George Floyd, as the result of  police brutality. We saw many towns and cities burnt, American flags on fire and sadly true the country divided by such conflicting views. Beyond the USA we didn't see social unrest as notable but definitely natural disasters all around the globe. The explosion that left many deaths in Beirut, California lightning strikes,  causing  fire again and this time again more alarming and dangerous which left people with destroyed homes and displaced, the Amazon to name a few and lightning strikes in China, while disastrous rainstorm in Central Vietnam leaving many people homeless and lost lives of loved ones. If you say this is a typical year with natural disaster, pandemic, and the economic meltdown are just the signs of a downturn, I probably disagree. I can research numbers of homes, lives lost, and damages due to natural disasters or result from social unrest and show you a different picture.  But i will spare such things and just to share that we are now like many other businesses and not for profit organizations are a lockdown mode with limited activity to stay connected.


How can we play a role during such times of uncertainty with natural disasters on the rise? We are a society of Buddhist friends and supporters of the concept of changing bad karma through the act of charities and good for the environment. We support education helping the displaced and the needy while cleaning up the environment. We are looking at 2021 with hopes that people around the globe will take part in changing global karma. We are donating to various organizations and interest groups to help with disaster relief and keeping focus for 2021. Our plans still revolve around scholarships launched to poor children,  keeping them in schools and helping to  bridge the gap by providing the tools; bringing volunteers from all over the world to poor areas to teach English. We believe that with the internet far reaching and ability to read and write English will bring many children above the poverty line. We chant and pray daily that we all will rise above the Pandemic and natural disasters and handle events with faith, wisdom and strength.  All in all Karma to motion will have the effects on the things we touch and change for the better.




Kayla Nguyen Kamita


Kayla Nguyen Kamita, CEO

International Buddhist Society Foundation

For Better Karma


Current Project: Karma 2 Motion in December 2019  has launched Saigon Open Hearts in Ben Tre, Vietnam. It is set up as a social enterprise, a host to volunteers and travelers between Vietnam and many borders. We are bringing West to meet East. See Saigon Open Hearts:   https://www.karma2motion.com/copy-of-stories-3

Current Project: Karma 2 Motion  with the support of Saigon Open Hearts and its supporters  recently started a fundraise to  create a scholarship for underprivileged yet motivated students.  Fight against exploitation of child labor with education. Please see:


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