Karma 2 Motion

The international buddhist society for Better Karma

Mission Statement: Karma 2 Motion is a DBA of the International Buddhist Society. We are international body supporters who come together for the sole purpose of giving/promoting charity for better Karma *

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Karma *, Nichirin Buddhism explained....

To put it simply, “karma” is the cumulative “effects” or results of all our actions or causes, good or bad, over countless lifetimes until now. And while these effects may likewise be good or bad, many people tend to attribute suffering or losses they experience to “bad karma”—karma from bad causes they made in the past

Current Project: Karma 2 Motion in December 2019  has launched Saigon Open Hearts in Ben Tre, Vietnam. It is set up as a social enterprise, a host to volunteers and travelers between Vietnam and many borders. We are bringing West to meet East. See Saigon Open Hearts:   https://www.karma2motion.com/copy-of-stories-3

Current Project: Karma 2 Motion  with the support of Saigon Open Hearts and its supporters  recently started a fundraise to  create a scholarship for underprivileged yet motivated students.  Fight against exploitation of child labor with education. Please see:


Registered Charity Number : 83-1239236